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Stop & Think: Creating New Awareness is the leading global course for developing work-life balance. Since 2008, Stop & Think has been taught in over 50 countries to thousands of people at multinational corporations such as Microsoft, Amazon, Expedia, Pearson and many other companies of all sizes across industries. This groundbreaking in-person program is now customized and optimized for online delivery.

The purpose of this online workshop is to teach awareness as a skill and empower people to define what balance means to them and identify behaviors that either support or sabotage in creating (and maintaining) desired outcomes.  Divided into seven parts, each focusing on developing awareness around blocks to balance, author Jae Ellard guides viewers around how to apply The Awareness Framework in personal and professional spaces. Reflection activities at the end of each part are designed to generate action to remove blocks.  This content has been uniquely designed to support both an individual experience and be used as a tool for managers to generate intentional conversations on the topic.



Learn how to:

  • Understand awareness as a skill
  • Apply The Awareness Framework in daily life
  • Understand the layers of balance and how each layer impacts intended results
  • Identify behaviors that support or sabotage in creating (and maintaining) balanced environments
  • Understand how to communicate needs, expectations and boundaries in personal and professional circumstances


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“It is a structured way of getting further in our inward journey. The program is easygoing and well-paced out…Ultimately though the value added depends on how open and honest we are with ourselves and how deep we want to go.”

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