Conversation Guides


Conversation Guides are designed to meet teams where they are at by disrupting traditional training models. They support teams by providing them the tools to facilitate custom conversations around topics most teams avoid discussing, things like balance, distractions, risk, “urgent” overload, boundaries (or lack of boundaries), energy and stress. The Conversation Guides act as a starting place to empower teams to talk about “it” (topics/behaviors/habits) that have a negative impact on each other and work outcomes, and create conversation for action and agreements to shift behaviors and interrupt habits that no longer map to desired outcomes.


  • Choose Conversation Guide by topic
  • Arrange a team meeting (meeting invite text provided)
  • Utilize the Best Practices to prepare for a conversation with the team
  • Have the conversation with your team (use the Conversation Guide video and Conversation Templates to provide tangible outcomes)
  • Continue the conversation (you’re on your own here, hint: refer back to Best Practices)
  • Choose the next topic for monthly or quarterly conversation


A Conversation Guide can be thought of as a meeting-in-a-box that allows any leader or manager to generate custom discussions to shift team behaviors as needed to support desired outcomes – without having to bring in an outside facilitator.

Each Conversation Guide is comprised of:

  • Short video presentation (around 5 minutes) from an expert on that topic
  • Implementation tips and best practices for the meeting leader
  • Conversation template to make conversation outcomes tangible and actionable
  • Meeting invitation text
  • Meeting follow-up text