Online Courses

You have choices when it comes to work-life balance

The online version of Stop & Think: Creating New Awareness will teach you the skill of awareness to clearly see the choices you have to create easy joy and meaningful engagement in all aspects of your life.

This online course addresses the core drivers of imbalance by helping viewers define values and provide a framework to understand how behavior has an impact on desired outcomes– regardless if that behavior is intentional or unintentional.  Since 2008, this content has been taught to thousands of people in over 50 countries and implemented at companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Expedia, Facebook, Pearson Education and many others.  The course is broken down into seven parts, each part focused on a different topic with refection questions about that topic that are designed to create internal reflection and external conversation.

This online course is for

  • Individuals seeking to define balance and take action to create a future that is different from the past. (Purchase now)
  • Managers seeking tools and support to have the balance conversation in a productive, constructive way that interrupts habits of imbalance. (Learn more about group engagements)
  • Human Resource Professionals seeking tools to address disengagement, distraction and enhance employee engagement. (Learn more about group engagements)
  • Entire Organizations seeking to shift corporate culture and build a more conscious and intentional workplace. (Learn more about organizational engagements)

What people have said about the program:

“I was pleasantly surprised at how much I learned as well as how much I was able to reflect and realize where I can make changes and improvements, not only at work but also in my home life. I really look forward to applying what I have learned. Thank you.”

“I would absolutely recommend this program. The discussions we had about work styles/expectations was so impactful to our working together and improving as a team. The content seemed non-traditional (in a good way) in that it was not department specific, but was a great use of our time toward the end of working better together as a team.”

“It is a structured way of getting further in our inward journey. The program is easygoing and well-paced out…Ultimately though the value added depends on how open and honest we are with ourselves and how deep we want to go.”